Bathroom Remodeling

Unique Bathroom Renovations Can Be Done Smartly and in a Timely Way

Artfully updating your bathroom can range from simple improvements involved in bathroom remodeling like adding soap and shampoo shelves, adding shower and robe hooks, and installing a new low-flow shower head, to a more extensive and complete bathroom remodeling project like creating more counter room around a sink. Maybe you’ve decided that you need to remove and replace an entire tile floor to update the look and functionality of your bathroom. You may even hope to create a newer and better non-slip floor surface for extra safety.

A local family owned and operated specialist in bathroom renovations like the pros from First Glass and Shower Doors is here to help. We can begin with a free in-home estimate so you’ll know exactly what your remodel project will cost. Our specialists are happy to give you useful advice to help make your bathroom dream into a reality with cutting-edge ideas for the simplest bath renovation to a more involved expert bathroom remodeling project.

The Best Advantages of Hiring Skilled Pros in Bathroom Renovation

Professional advice is always welcome and appreciated when it comes to a new home project like renovating a bathroom. People look to pros to get ideas and smart advice based on experience, and to discover all the latest trends in new custom designs. You may even be able to find ways to implement a personalized design into the bathroom. Your ideas can come to animated life with the help of professionals from First Glass and Shower Doors. Main advantages of hiring skilled pros include:

  • Smart Advice and Helpful Tips – Finding ways to open up the bathroom and to create a look and feel that is more inviting can be done by utilizing the experienced advice of professionals
  • Renovations Done in a Timely Way – Trying to do your own renovations can create a remodeling project that seems to go on forever. Using the skill, advice and knowledge of professionals, you’ll greatly cut your time and effort and end up with a newly renovated bathroom that you’ll love
  • Unmatched Skill – Your Orlando bathroom renovations can be accomplished in less time and in a smarter way utilizing the skill and knowledge of a licensed and insured contractor, plus you get the extra assurance that all work is done right

Professionals will always steer you in the right direction when it comes to bringing your bathroom remodeling ideas to fruition. With the connections the pros have, you may also be able to get components and materials for a more advantageous price. From the smallest remodeling projects to the largest renovation, professional help is always the best choice.

A Bathroom Renovation Adds Value to a Home

Bathrooms tend to be some of the most used rooms in any home. When they’re made even more attractive and functional because of a modern bathroom remodeling & renovation update, you’ve just found a really smart way to add extra value to your home. In central Florida, homeowners have found help from First Glass and Shower Doors to be an invaluable part of any new bath renovation project.

These pros can help whether you want to do basic things like having frameless corner shower doors added, put in new glass shower doors for your tub, or add a trendy new sliding shower door. If you want to go a more sophisticated route, you could completely redo the tile floor or install the latest in a new double vanity with tilt-able mirrors. Let our specialists know what your ideas are and we can bring free in-home estimates to you so you’ll get an idea of the scope and cost of your remodeling project. All you need to do to get started to bring your ideas to life is to conveniently schedule a consultation.

Updating Your Bath to Make it More Accessible

Sometimes when family situations change, there may be a need to make a bath more accessible for family members. This can be accomplished with things like a walk-in shower, roll-in barrier free showers, and a hand-held shower with an adjustable handrail. Extra nice additions for aging family members include lever shower valves and grab bars for extra security in the shower. Pros from First Glass and Shower Doors are happy to help with other good ideas to help you make your bath more accessible for all.

Smart Bath Renovations That Add Extra Elements of Style

Some of the smartest Orlando bathroom renovations can be the easiest to accomplish like adding new robe and towel hooks to help keep towels up from the floor and to help keep the bathroom more organized. Others, like installing new shower doors, turning your tub into a virtual spa, and installing a new frameless corner shower door will take more time, effort and expertise.

Luckily, folks in central Florida and Orlando have the specialists from First Glass and Shower Doors to turn to for help and advice with their bathroom remodeling & renovation project ideas. Before you know it, time spent in the bathroom can turn out to be some of the best time out of your day. Your bath can become a truly enjoyable and pleasant place to be with thoughtful and well carried out upgrades.

These Bathroom Experts are Experienced

With over 20 years of experience, specialists from First Glass and Shower Doors are happy to help you from the earliest renovation ideas to the proud completion of any project. Technicians are fully trained, licensed and insured for your guarantee of experience and for your assurance of a job well done. These are residential and commercial specialists that bring lots of relevant experience to any project.

Schedule a consultation today to find out how they can help you to create the bathroom space you’ve been dreaming about. Smart renovators throughout the Orlando and Central Florida area have already discovered how valuable the help can be from First Glass and Shower Doors when it comes to any bath remodel.